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These days when we are looking into a photoshoot or advertisement published online – there are always those young, skinny, and youthful ladies wandering around. I like those pictures, I think they are nice to look at and I felt like I want to go back to my early days again. I like those pictures, but at the same time, I cannot help but feeling like my days has gone. 

Then a friend called me. Asking if I care to join her for a Thai traditional clothing photoshoot as part of our trip to Thailand. My first thought was ‘No way, thank you’ – we’re in our forties, I have two kids, who still do a photoshoot? Forget about Thai dresses. But I was completely wrong. About the dress and about myself. 

On our 2nd day in Thailand. Zin took me to the studio. She began choosing her own costume. Though we are about the same age, Zin is much more in shape than I am – so lucky for her. What I did not expect is that there were these helpful staff, who was giving me a couple of lookbooks and asking me what kind of dresses that I want to wear and feel comfortable and confident wearing. (I said to them honestly, truthfully that at this age, of course, there are parts of me that are not as firm as it used to be) They are kind enough to laugh along with me and guiding me through their various collections. We tried out a bunch of clothes – and they constantly checked up on me if I feel comfortable enough in the dress I am wearing. With their help and diligence

Jia Yi, though she has a smaller frame, still getting nervous about what to wear. But just like my case, the staff was helping her through the dressing process. She looked so happy when she tried on this straight cut long sleeve silk tops. As we finalized on our styles of choices, these experienced staffs were assisting us on the accessories and styling it up to make it as ‘authentically Thai’ as possible. Thank you, guys!

Me and Zin have made the reservation for an outdoor photoshoot at Wat Benchamabophit Ratchaworawihan – it was as beautiful as I remembered, made it more of a lovely day to spend with your best friend. 

Wat Benchamabophit Ratchaworawihan

At first, I was a little bit nervous about the photoshoot as I will always be the one behind the camera/my phone, taking a picture of my kids. Again, with the help of this professional photographer as well as being with my good friend. It was a lovely session. The pictures were as good as the memories I have sightseeing the temples with my friend. 

The most important thing is that I felt good about myself and the way I look. We may not look like those young models but that is not the problem at all – I can have my own style and being comfy in my own skin as well as the dress (also I got a bunch of nice pictures to share with my friends and families!). 

Not only did I get to spend a whole day in Thai traditional costume, reliving the cultures through the clothes I was in and a place I went to, I also get to be my confident, lively self – and that what makes this an incredible, fulfilling experience for me. 


P.S., Kids, next time let’s go together! 


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