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Top 9 destinations for Traditional Costume Photoshoot in Bangkok

There are many locations in Bangkok where to wear Thai costume and take a photo.

Today, Thai Style Studio proudly presents ‘Top 9 destinations for Traditional Costume Photoshoot in Bangkok’

Let check out!!!

1. Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace

Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. The most well-known place in Bangkok. It was built back in the early years of Ratthanakhosin Dynasty, during the reign of King Rama the First. The place was divided into 3 main areas; The Temple, The Grand Palace and The Monastery enshrined the Emerald Buddha. In the palace area, is the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles open for the visit. Apart from the well-known attractions inside, along the grand palace wall was a nice place for the photoshoot as well.

Opening hours: 08.30 AM – 15.30 PM

Entrance Fee: 500 Baht, with 7 days use. The price included the entrance fee of Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace, Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, Wimanmek Throne Hall and Ananda Samakom Throne Hall.

2. Suddhaisavarya Prasad Throne Hall, Saranrom Palace and The Ministry of Defence

Suddhaisavarya Prasad Throne Hall and Saranrom Palace are located in the East of the Grand Palace. The two places stand opposite the other. Suddhaisavarya Prasad throne hall is the place for the royal balcony – the monarchs and royal families to grant a public audience. For Saranrom Palace, the building was used as an office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the reception hall for visitants. Located nearby is the bright yellow building – the office of the Ministry of Defence. The place is very popular among photographers as the architecture and design makes up a perfect set for a photoshoot.

Opening hours: 05.00 AM – 20.00 PM

Entrance Fee: None

3. The Temple of The Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

Wat Pho was founded way back in Ayutthaya Dynasty. The place was once the heart of all Thai sciences and philosophies; history, literature and medication, especially the original Thai massage. The icon of the temple is the biggest statue of the Reclining Buddha. Within the temple area located the stupas in various colors, sizes and decorations as well as the Chinese stone figurines – the symbol of the long-lasting Thai-Chinese relations.

Opening hours: 05.00 AM – 20.00 PM

Entrance Fee: 200 THB

4. Tha Tien (Tien Pier)

Tha Tien, is the community next to the pier where you can cross the river to visit the Temple of Dawn. Tha Tien is known for its tight-knitted community vibe full of restaurants and souvenir shops. The architecture around Tha Tien area maintain its Neo-classic character, which blended the modern Bangkok, making a perfect combination of old meets new.

Opening Hours: 11.00 AM – 18.30 PM

Entrance Fee: None

5. Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

Temple of Dawn is one of the old temples constructed during Ayutthaya Dynasty. The landmark is the main stupa of the temple of down, known as the most splendid edifice of Bangkok. The stupa was ornamented with tiles and Benjarong – Chinese imported porcelain. At the main entrance, stood the famous Yaksha statues – Wat Arun’s Giant. One of the most famous scenes for the photoshoot is to take a picture on the crossing boat, having the great stupa as the scenery.

Opening hours: 07.30 AM – 17.30 PM

Entrance Fee: 40 THB

6. Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple)

Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple) is one of the most worldwide famous temples in Bangkok. The temple was known for its unique architecture – the monastery made of marble, imported from Italy. The perfect picture of east meets west architecture.

Opening hours: 08.30 AM – 17.30 PM

Entrance Fee: 20 THB

7. Wat Ratchabophit and Wat Ratchapradit Sathitmahasimaram

Wat Ratchabophit and Wat Ratchapradit Sathitmahasimaram – Wat Ratchabophit was constructed in the reign of King Rama V. The temple’s architecture and design reflect both western and traiditional Thai characteristic. Inside the temple located the royal cemetery, with more than 34 statues and monuments. The styles of each items are varies from Thai to western and also a combination between the two.

For Wat Ratchapradit Sathitmahasimaram, the main landmark was the breath-taking marble monastery.

Opening hours: 06.00 AM – 18.00 PM

Entrance Fee: None

8. Wat Suthat and Giant Swing

Wat Suthat and The Giant Swing – Wat Wat Suthat Thepwararam was considered the royal temple of King Rama VIII. The monastery of Wat Suthat was recorded as the longest hall of all temples in Thailand. The front court of the temple is connected to the Giant Swing and the Bhraman shrines. The giant swing was built to perform the Brahmin ritual of Swing. It was ranked as the top destinations for good pictures.

Opening hours: 06.00 AM – 18.30 PM

Entrance Fee: 20 THB

9.Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara (Loha Prasat)

Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara (Loha Prasat) was constructed in the reign of King Rama III – the temple was intentionally built in a different fashion from other temples constructed in early Ratthanakhosin. Unlike other temples with stupas and pagodas, Wat Ratchanatdaram was designed with metal roof, forged into gable ápex shaped, and gilded with gold. The place was also gloriously decorated with glasses. The temple court, as known as the Royal Pavilion Mahajetsadabadin is also dedicatedly decorated with various kinds of flowers and plants.

Opening hours: 09.00 AM – 20.00 PM

Entrance Fee: 20 THB

That’s all for this blog. Which place is your favorite one?

If you would like to enjoy this exclusive experience, don’t wait, let Thai Style Studio take care of you. Go grab your Thai-costume and have an outdoor photo shooting with us!!

Photo by Thai Style Studio 1984
Author: Thipwimon Boonmee


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