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Who came to join Thai Style Studio 1984 ?

Who came to join Thai Style Studio 1984 ?

Thai Style Studio provided a variety of services. Our photo shoot ranges from Pre-wedding photo shoot, family portrait, fashion photo shoot and other professional photo shoot, for example, graduation portrait, ID photos, and et cetera. The most distinguish service in which we are proud to present as the highlight of our studio, is the traditional Thai costume photo shoot that we have mentioned earlier. The delicacy and  meticulousness our staff members have put in every processes, from arranging the costume, make-up, hair do and styling, could guarantee our customer the professional services and the most memorable experiences unlike anywhere else.

Thai Style Studio has been highly recognized for our services among Thai and international customers, especially foreign tourist. Our visitors came from various countries, we have welcomed our customers from nearby Southeast Asian continent: Singaporeans, Filipino and Vietnam, East Asian continent: Japanese, Hong Kongese, Chinese and Taiwanese. We also have a privileged to welcome our customers from the States, European countries and African countries. The traditional Thai costume services at Thai Style Studio has been recommended by several famous people, tourist agencies, websites and travel bloggers, and has been rated as one of the ‘Top 10 of  Travel in Thailand’ by private blogger, At Ten (Thailand), Travel Reporter of WOW (Hong Kong), Trips adviser, Super Taste (Taiwan), Bangkok Navi (Japan), Google review, OnFM (Malaysia), TV Wife (South Korea), TVB (Hong Kong) and other international travelling websites. Our studio will assure you an excellent services, guaranteed by 5-stars rating at our services, made by our customers from all around the world. 

Let’s see how impressed they were when we shared the precious moments together.

TV Programs

At Ten (Thailand)

Super Taste (Taiwan)

  ONFM (Malaysia)

TV Wife (South Korea)


TVB (Hong Kong)

Famous People

Carina Muller (Miss Grand Trat 2018)

Ryota Ohmi (The Face Thailand Season 2)

Kevinson De Ocampo (Mister Dubai 2018)

Jan Narathathai (Thai Artist/Actress)

   Jayden Asiel Rodriguez  (USA Child model/Actor)

Mamiew Supaphon (Thai Model)

Mohamed Rajib (Reporter from Morocco)

Ying Siriwimol (One of the Miss Grand Bangkok contestants 2020)

Atom Phakin (Actor)

Now it’s your turn! Visit Thai places, eat Thai foods, and take a Thai costume photo!
“Fulfill another part of your life with Thainess experience by taking a Thai traditional photo with us.”
Photo by Thai Style Studio 1984
Author: Thipwimon Boonmee


>>ติดตามเรื่องราวความเป็นไทยอย่างใกล้ชิดที่ Thai Style Studio<<

เพราะเราเชื่อว่า “มากกว่าความรู้สึก คือ การได้สัมผัสประสบการณ์ความเป็นไทยด้วยตัวคุณเอง”

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